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Yii is an acronym for “Yes it is”. It is an elemental, open-source PHP 5 based high performance framework, used for creating web 2.0 apps. Yii is loaded with many rich features like MVC, I18N/L10N, DAO/ Active Record, caching, scaffolding, authentication, testing, role-based access control, etc. This framework has a supplemented stock room including of user-contributed units. This is a very efficient platform for developing app in minimal time. Providing a hige range of niche functionalities to the developers, Yii has assisted developers to build some great PHP frameworks. Yii receive huge adoration and acknowledgement in the world of web app development due to its robust features. These functionalities assisted in decreasing the efforts at the developer’s end. This high-performance component-based PHP framework has overruled the market because of its supremacy in delivering time saving and cost effective web apps.

[qodef_info_box title_tag=”h5″ enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Easy configuration” text=” Yii has one of the simplest and easier installation processes and even configuration is very easy to follow. You just need web server compliant with PHP 5 framework. ” background_color=”#81d742″]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Highly secured” text=” The in-built security suite of Yii keeps web based projects safe from the virus and hacking attacks. It prevents the cross-site scripting and the cookie attacks. ” background_color=”#eaeaea”]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Growth friendly” text=” As Yii framework has been designed to expand its cache in layers, it becomes light and swift at the users end as well. Thus, the application/platform is by default user-friendly. ” background_color=”#3f3f3f”]


Bitcom is a trusted Yii development company, which provides simple solutions for varied problems. We create websites or web apps that are highly interactive and user-friendly. We have an experienced team of Yii developers who are very passionate about their work as well as technologies. They assist our clients to get just right solutions they want for their business. If you want to hire Yii developers who can develop powerful web apps with Yii and PHP then, Bitcom is your one stop development company. You can get great custom apps according your business needs with the help of our proficient Yii developers. We have clients globally and have developed web apps for diverse industries for numerous purposes.

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