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Local SEO is important in cases where the business wants to establish itself locally. It has to reach out to the local audience to ensure business and in order to achieve this goal it has to rank higher on the SERPs. Thus, website owners begin using marketing techniques that assist them to rank higher on search engine ranking pages. This generates local traffic as well as proves helpful for people who are new to the place and looking for local businesses. It is a technique that considerably assists e-Businesses to target a particular geographical location. It is also referred as GEO targeting method to attract local customers. It also assists in brand management and increase brand awareness among the consumers. It is helpful for e-Business owners considering improving their sales, revenues and most importantly reputation in their particular regions. Local search actually enables end users to get in touch with the local existing businesses, their services and products.

[qodef_info_box title_tag=”h5″ enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Targeted market focus” text=” Local SEO will ensure that your business service area is the focus. This improves your rankings and gives you less competition based on local search. ” background_color=”#81d742″]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Personal connections” text=” By catering your SEO campaign with local keywords and content, you will be much more likely to make the strongest connection to your customers. ” background_color=”#eaeaea”]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” More local business” text=” With local SEO you can boost your local reach and in turn local business and more local business means more popularity and more comfort. ” background_color=”#3f3f3f”]


Bitcom uses a set of proven techniques to submit and regularly update your business and geographic information in order to help you be found on the most popular search engines like Google and Bing. At Bitcom, we are all about getting our customers the best ROI possible. A dedicated SEO expert will work on your project to make sure your local presence is optimal and you are getting the best value for your marketing budget. Our local SEO packages include everything that you need to get your Google Places listing on the Google Map at extremely cost-effective rates. We are backed by years of industry experience and have worked for variety of businesses and industries.

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