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The Android operating system is without a doubt the most popular and one of the highly used operating systems today. Most reputed smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung and MI, use Android OS in their mobile phones. To thrive in this constantly evolving digital environment, it is important that businesses get on the Android app development bandwagon. Though apps can be developed on various other platforms too, there are some clear benefits of using Android of your mobile app. The key advantage of Android as a platform is that is available free of cost and it is an open platform built on Linux. Initially the usage of Android was very limited, but today it has become the most accepted mobile apps development platform after Google’s acquisition. Today, Android is the strongest contender of other operations systems like Apple. With cutting edge mobile apps, businesses find it easier to cater to the needs of their clients and therefore improve their bottom lines significantly.

[qodef_info_box title_tag=”h5″ enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Easy integration” text=” Android can be easily integrated and tweaked to meet your business goals and the varying market trends. It is the best suited solution for all kinds of inter-application integrations. ” background_color=”#81d742″]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Easy adoption” text=” Coding Android apps is a lot easier as compared to coding apps on other platforms. Android based apps are coded in Java, so anyone with knowledge of Java can create mobile app. ” background_color=”#eaeaea”]
[qodef_info_box enable_animation=”no” enable_border=”yes” front_side_style=”dark” title=” Easy distribution” text=” With Android you can use Google Play as well as number of third party distribution marketplace to create your own distribution and sales channel. So, you get deeper market penetration. ” background_color=”#3f3f3f”]


Bitcom is an established android app development company that delivers qualitative android apps development solutions to businesses around the globe. We have proven expertise in Android app development, as a result you can rest assured about value-added services to your mobile operations. We facilitate our skilled professionals with all the necessary development resources and tools for app development. Transparent development process and technical expertise allow us to help businesses gain an excellence. With our proven android app development approach we create the most engaging Android business apps. We have a technically strong team of Android developers that has best-in class skills and huge experience in mobile app development. We are capable of handling the clients of numerous industries.

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